Frequently asked questions


 You got questions for us, no problem. 

  1. Do you do catering? Absolutely we LOVE catering. We cater for meetings, office lunches, birthdays, baby showers any small gathering.  We have a catering menu on our website, check it out now
  2. Can you cater for specific food allergies? Yes it is one of our core values, our chefs are well educated and passionate about allergens and can accommodate the majority of food intolerance's. Our founding owner has food intolerance's and knows how important it is to have this option. 
  3. Do you have Vegan, Vegetarian options? We have 2 Vegan Chefs who are very passionate about introducing vegan options to the community.  We love to educate and explore plant based living.  
  4. Has it got nuts in it? Because we make everything on site we know what is in our foods, you just need to ask our friendly staff regarding each menu item. 
  5. Do you deliver? Yes we deliver from 11am - 2.00pm. Free delivery with any purchase over $25.00 
  6. Do you have a pre order App? Yes our pre order App is SKIP you can download the app https://www.skipapp.com.au