About Us


Healthy, wholesome foods

 It’s about enjoying healthy foods rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals. We are here to make your meal a flavourful and satisfying experience. We are all about flavour, freshness, quality, nutrition and balance. Our “core” café food has been created with a healthy twist which served together with more innovative dishes such as gluten free options, acai bowls and raw treats. 90% of our foods are prepared and cooked on premises which also provide the Xtra edge as most of the menu is house made. 


Amazing Service

 Fast friendly service is a priority of ours, and you'll just love our fun team! We encourage staff to be themselves and to express their individuality to create a fun and friendly environment for you to enjoy.


Simple, sustainable & community driven.

 We celebrate simplicity. We practice sustainability. We also encourage proactive support in the community. We believe that simple fresh pure ingredients create the most memorable and satisfying meals. And while our menu is packed full of nutritious, quality ingredients our passion is to make the food sing. We take pleasure in preparing, cooking and knowing what is in our foods. We go to great lengths to provide our customers with pesticide, hormone and chemical free ingredients. We have worked hard to source the best quality ingredients. We want our food to be delicious from garden to plate.